Private European Antiques Buying Tours

Grand Central Station Antiques has been in business in San Francisco for over thirty-five years. Several years ago Grand Central Station Antiques began exploring the antique wholesale markets in Europe in the hopes of finding more reliable sources for the goods we wanted to sell in the quality and price ranges we were no longer able to find in our domestic sources. Beginning in England and Scotland, we have expanded our sources to include goods from France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

We bring in containers full of an excellent selection of 18th & 19th Century to Vintage Modern French, German, English, Dutch and Flemish furniture approximately every 5-6 months. Hand picking every item that we buy has proven to be an integral element in the long term success we have enjoyed over the years.

In a market niche that has had its ups and downs, we have continuously worked to provide our customers with a selection of quality, period pieces with excellent, hard to beat “value for dollar” prices. Pieces they can keep for a life time and resell or even pass down (a notion not associated to any degree with modern equivalents).

Over the years, as our customer base expands, we have become very knowledgeable in handling domestic and international shipping and handling. Many of our customers have been introduced to hundreds of international options, via internet, for buying from foreign dealers that we can recommend as reputable and reliable.

Our tried and true network of international dealers, large and small, work with us to provide for optimal selection, reliable, trustworthy descriptions, experienced moving and handling domestically and internationally, and are familiar with the latest customs requirements and documentation, Buying a European antique directly from the source has never been easier thanks to our years of developing and maintaining productive and professional relationships with hundreds of sources that have in many cases been around for generations.

Buying, collecting and living with European antiques has never been easier or more exciting. Whether on one of our antiques buying tours or sitting in your living room, the search can be half the fun. The other half is finding that beautiful, one of a kind, soon to be family heirloom at a price you can feel good about.